Hands rejuvenation: How does that work?

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Just like face and neck, hands are one of the first places where the ageing signs may begin to appear. The good news is that a number of hands rejuvenation aesthetic procedures are available to give your hands a youthful makeover.

As hands tend to have thinner skin overall, they are exposed to daily UV rays and most of the people does not take care of their hands as much as they do of their face, hands can age faster than other parts of the body. Also, our hands can be in daily contact with some products, such as dish soap, that damage their thin skin.

The result of years of carelessness is the appearance of protruding veins, dark spots and wrinkles.

Hands rejuvenation is a combination of aesthetic treatments designed to refresh the appearance of the hands and bring them in line with the rest of your youthful image.

At Hud’Alex, we perform a personalized evaluation of each patient, their needs and interests to recommend the best technique.

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A common combination of aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the skin – that may vary in intensity and some details – is a mix of Chemical Peeling, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Fillers. Read more about them below:

  • Chemical peeling: Made to purify, oxygenate and resurface the skin, leaving it moisturized and free of impurities. Close open pores and improves texture, thickening the epidermis. It unifies skin tone, adds luminosity and smooth cutaneous imperfections, lightens and attenuates dark spots, providing depigment effect.
  • IPL: Intense Pulsed Light is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments, including photorejuvenation, a treatment recommended for skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins.
  • Rebiovitalization solution: Injectable filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin as a way of putting back Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that we have lost. HA is presented in our skin, where all the Collagen, Elastin, Fibroblasts and Glycosaminoglycans are bounded to give support and consistency to the skin structures. As we age or by our lifestyle, we end up losing it and the structures start to falling apart.

Watch the video to know how this treatment works:

Once and again, as every patient is unique, an evaluation is required before this treatment. Book a consultation right now to see what is recommended for you.

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