Laser hair removal

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It is not exaggeration to say: laser hair removal is a life changing aesthetic treatment! Imagine yourself with no unwanted hair all year round, without having to worry about shaving or waxing…

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic treatment that removes the unwanted hair by exposuring it to pulses of highly concentrated laser lights that destroy the hair follicle.

At the clinic, we use the lastest technology: Fiber Diode Laser. Results driven, Fiber Diode has its effectiveness proved by up to 70% reduction after just one session. It works in all skin types and it is painless.

Some clients come to the clinic with previous experiences in laser hair removal, and their complaints are always the pain and reddish they had at that time. Fiber Diode Laser technology, however, provides a no pain treatment and immediate result. If the laser hurts, that means it is not being used properly.

Book a consultation to know more and find out how many sessions will be needed in your case.

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