Everything you need to know about Mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment recommended for patients who are looking for immediate results, and do not want to undergo a painful and expensive skin treatment, such as a critical surgery.

In this post, we will explain what mesotherapy is, some of its benefits, and what to expect. After reading, we hope it will be easy to understand why mesotherapy fastly became one of the most desired aesthetic treatment.

What is Mesotherapy?

woman getting mesotherapy injections

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that involves a series of superfine injections of vitamins cocktails, plant extracts, minerals, Hyaluronic Acid and other FDA approved medicines into the mesodermal layer of the skin.

These ingredients improve the texture and quality of the skin, hydrating, rejuvenating, and tightening it.

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What are the benefits of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy hydrates, rejuvenates, and tightens the skin, improves its quality and texture, prevents fine lines and reduces wrinkles. It also helps with scars, stretch marks, stubborn fat, cellulite, saggy skin, hair loss and more.

See how it works:

Revitalisation: as we age, our skin loses essential nutrients that keep us with youthful-looking. Mesotherapy puts these essential nutrients back to the place creating a wholly new synthesis of collagen and elastin production that causes rejuvenation immediately.

Mesotox anti-wrinkles: over time, not only our skin suffers from the gravity action’s effect but also our muscles start to become weaker and fall. For complete revitalisation with long-lasting results, mesotherapy treats skin and muscles at the same time.

Mesotherapy can be a great ally against ageing by offering a completely natural cocktail hyaluronic acid-based with oligopeptides that relax muscles, diminishing the wrinkles in the skin that causes expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

Saggy skin: when collagen and elastin fibres start to breakdown, the skin’s supportive connective tissue, that makes it look soft, plump and youthful, loses its strength. In addition, facial muscles can weaken with age too. Mesotherapy firms, restructures and activates microcirculation, tightening and lifting the skin.

Hands: mesotherapy works to rejuvenate the first part on our bodies to show the ageing signs: our hands. This treatment consists on inject Hyaluronic acid through a cannula. The results are immediately seen, as the youthful appearance is restored by adding volume back to the area.

Scars and stretch marks: when the extracellular matrix suffer a rupture, the collagen and elastin fibers are broken down, leaving a hole under the skin. Mesotherapy nutrients work to restore it. Stretch marks can be hard to treat and vanish. But when it is treated on the right stage, the results are more likely to be effective.

Stubborn fat: even for those who are active, practice exercise and maintain a healthy diet, stubborn fat can be very persistent. Mesotherapy cocktails stimulate cells activity which breakdown the cell membrane removing its contents that will be then excreted through the lymphatic, digestive and urinary system.

Cellulite: mesotherapy cocktail injected directly into the affected tissue can change dramatically cellulite’s appearance and stages as it improves circulation, reduces inflammation and diminishes fatty deposits responsible for cellulite.

Hair loss: by stimulating oxygenation and feeding the capillary with the essential oligo-elements, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids responsible for hair growth, mesotherapy strengthens and increases the hair density and decrease the loss.

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What to expect?

  • The treatment session takes about thirty minutes.
  • Non-painful.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Mesotherapy has minimal downtime. Sensitive skins may show redness and swelling but it should settle within 24 hours.
  • After the session, the skin becomes immediately hydrated, nourished and firmer.
  • Book an evaluation to know how many sessions will be advised for your concerns.

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