The importance of vitamins A & C to our bodies

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Daily constant intakes of vitamins A & C can make a huge difference on us. But most of us are too busy for paying attention to small detail that caries so much importance.

fruits rich in vitamins A and C

Not only to health point of view, which should be reason enough to ingest vitamins with not doubt, but also for the beauty point o view, because they promote changing in skin structures.

Don’t believe yet? Let us make it easier!

Color and collagen

I’m sure that you already know that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and that Oxidants depletes collagen fibers which makes all skin saggy, older and as it also reflects in the the skin color dullness and marks are one of the signs that we are in lack of this vitamin.

Vitamin C stimulates and strengthens the collagen formation which give us youthful appearance or chin ups skin.

It is also anti-inflammatory which boost our immune system, accelerating internal healing and it is a greater agent fighting against skin concerns such as rosacea and sensitivity.

As it works inhibiting tyrosinase (melanocytes regulation), it affects our skin coloration the same as when it lacks on our bodies we feel no energy and skin is dull.

Regular amounts of vitamins help us fighting against hyper-pigmentation, lightening and brightening our skin other than being an excellent natural photo protective giving us more resistance against UV rays.

Vit C increases internal hydration once prevent loose of moisture and enhances vitamin A and E effects.

Government basis says we need minimum 40 to 60 mg daily once this vit cannot be storage in our body. Nutritionists and the medical Beauty Industry has agreed that we need to ingest in between 1000 mg to a 2000 mg daily in order to have any benefit into our skin and really boost our immune system.

However, as normally our diet is pour even if we eat regular meals 4 to 6 times daily, we cannot start taking higher doses of vitamins without prepare our bodies for as if the amount is greater than 1000mg in once it may lead to a nausea, flatulence and or diarrhea.

Taking less than 1,000mg of vitamin C supplements a day is unlikely to cause any harm says the doctors but the ideal is to get the habit of ingesting 40gm, 60mg and so upgrading the milligrams every week until you’re able to build up the bodie’s tolerance up to 1000 – 2000 mg daily. So in result of that we’ll have a great boost on our immune system and also have the benefits straight delivered into our skin. If we consider that high doses of this vitamin would be up 5000mg.

The idea is to build up our bodies tolerance in a safe way by taking for a week every day 50mg, then the next 100mg, following next by 500mg, then 1000mg, 1500mg then 2000mg.

It’s very important that as vitamin C cannot be storage in the body, the doses must be ingested every 3 or 4 hours during the day while small or in once if it’s 1000mg or in twice if you’re already on 2000mg daily.

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Repairing and restoring

While Vitamin C works directly in our color and collagen in one way, Vitamin A is summarily important to our body complementing each other.

Skin rich in vitamins A & C and collagen

Vitamin A generates cells healthy by normalizing its normal development and reproduction process by stimulating circulation and absorption of nutrients inside the cell.

It also stimulates the cells turnover which is the capacity of the skin to absorb the dead cells, just like natural exfoliation.

Vitamin A have a very important play in the skin once it thickens the epidermis and strengths the dermis. That means you have more natural SPF (sun protector factor) defending you against the environment’s issues as well such us viruses, bacteria pollution and so more.

Vitamin A help us normalizing the melamine formation, responsible for hyper-pigmentation and protects langherhan cells which means a boost in the immunity system.

Until a few years, this vitamin was used mostly to help people against acne once it regulates the sebum production, normalizing the sebaceous glands activity and increasing secretion of glycosaminoglycans that prevent the loss of internal moisturizing.

Nowadays, vitamin A has been researched and approved to be an strong ally against ageing process as well. As vitamin C aids to straighten the collagen fibers and avoid it to be depleted by oxidation, vitamin A send message to build up more collagen and elastine so it results and firmer skin or skin natural tightening with a lifting effect for longer.

Vitamin A also is being known as DNA repair once it allows the nutrients to be delivered into the cells assuring that when the cells reproduce itself, instead of having a non healthy cell, the born daughter cell will have full DNA stronger than your mother used to be.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, the minimum amount of vitamin A to be taken daily in order to avoid diseases would be 40ius. However, in order to get a real benefit from this vitamin type, a minimum of 8.000 ius to 10.000 ius daily should be in mind.

Dr Des Fernanes, founder of Environ Skincare brand, says that through the creams and serums we can’t have enough vitamine A even applying at least 2 so the supplementation by taking 40.000 to 50.000 ius daily should be considered for those who wants to have a real anti-ageing effect. As he normally says the vitamin A works with our DNA as I’ve said before and it determines how the skin cells will behave, how they differentiate into specialist cells and how they mature, not only in our skin but the whole body.

But, considering again that our diets does not normally contains the necessary amount of vitamins we need in order to prevent ills and helps to fight against ageing, the same build up process must be done when talking about daily intakes of vit A. Starting small 5000ius daily doses and increase its ingestion up to 40.000 or 50.000ius.

If we start taking too much vitamine A without get our bodies used to that we may experience some undesirables side effects such as irritation, redness, peeling off due to the excessive skin internal exfoliation. This signs are easily finished off by taking the precaution of ingesting the recommended doses step by step.

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One last thing

Great healthy diet, enough knowledge about everything that can help us and have someone who cares about us with respect and professionalism is the key to achieve great results. Consult your physician before considering taking any supplements as your needs may need to be assisted before taken.

Quality and consistency

That’s what really matters when putting things on our bodies. From the food that we eat to the products that we apply, these two types of vitamins are very unstable which means if the quality used on supplements and the products are not good enough, you’re just spending money and getting no benefits from.

You can be taking the right amount of vitamins ever, if the quality of that vitamin, also the agent that will deliver the vitamin into the body isn’t great, you’are just trowing time, money and efforts in the bin as our stomach acids would destroys most of the ingredients trough the digestive process or the chemicals in the air just evaporating and destroying as well when regarding to a products applied into the skin.

Choose your brands by its quality on making the ingredients and wrapping then in very good micro-encapsulated bulking agent; choose a therapist carefully considering that time spent in continuous learning training and practicing makes the whole difference at the end.

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and the furthest from the inside out and in order to keep it health and to achieve the results that we want we must have consistency in our skin home-care routine and having regular treatments with your Personal Skin Expert Therapist.