Looking for a professional skincare maintenance?

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A regular visit to your skincare specialist is essential to keep your skin health up to date.
But together with that, it is also important to keep your daily maintenance at home using professional and real skincare products that fit not every skin type but your skin needs.

Here at the clinic, we use several top brands to bring the best result for all the treatments. For your home skincare, we recommend products from Dermalogica.

The products have highly customised regimens and services for every individual because we know that no two skin conditions are the same. We can help you to find the best option for your unique skin. Whatever your lifestyle, background, or environment, rest assured that Dermalogica will work for you.

Plus, they are:

  • Certified cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.
  • Their formulas are free of artificial colours and fragrances, mineral oil, lanolin, S.D. alcohol, parabens, and microplastics.

On your next visit ask us for more information about that and we can order the products for you or you can also visit their website and order online.