High Frequency

Direct High Frequency (negritos) is a great healer on pustules and papules, by promoting Ozone which is bactericidal, drying the excessive oils, helping to regulate the sebum output, ideal for those ones that suffers from a very acnfied skin. It diminishes the size of the pores.

Indirect High Frequency (negrito) is ideal for a skin that needs stimulation, such as a dry, lacklustre, delicate, fragile, sensitive and flaccid skin. it is a great option as this treatment promotes activation of the Sebaceous glands while having a cosy massage, restoring the necessary oil balance that regulates and keep a healthy skin barrier.

This treatment can help seborrheic scalp one of the reasons that can aggravate hair loss due to a poor oxygenation and nutrition of the scalp and also the excess sebum and dandruff that can stimulate hair loss.

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