Due to genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalance and lack of essential and certain vitamins, minerals and oligo elements, alopecia is the disorder of hair loss that thins the hair shaft and eventually kills the hair follicles causing baldness.

If you are experiencing one of these symptoms:

– Capillary weakness and fragility
– Dry Scalp or excessive oily scalp
– Seasonal Hair Loss
– Progressive Hair Loss

One of the new potential treatments for hair loss (androgenic and non- androgenic, included Alopecia Areata) is the use of medical device CE class III for injections into the scalp area which contains the essential nutrients needed by the hair follicle in order to strengthen the capillary and the hair shaft with longer last term.

By stimulating oxygenation and feeding the capillary with the essential oligoelements, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids that responsible for hair growth will strengthen and increase the hair density and decrease the loss.

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As we age, or skin loses essential nutrients that give reason for the delicate complex of body and skin network responsible for keeping us with youthful looking. Skin becomes wrinkly, saggy, photo-ageing starts to have a huge impact changing our skin natural color that then are marked with spots, dryness and many others effects.

Mesotherapy Injected Cocktails put these essential nutrients back to the place where they were creating a whole new synthesis of collagen and elastin production able to restore the Dermis and the Epidermal layers causing immediately rejuvenation. Choose below between one of our cocktails according to your main concerns or book a consultation for more information.

Stretch marks also called striae are caused when there is a rapidly and sudden skin growth, normally present in process such as gain or weight loss or pregnancy. When the skin is excessively stretched, the extra cellular matrix suffers a rupture and the collagen and elastin fibers are then broken down, leaving a hole under the skin.

The main one types of stretch marks are normally classified rubrae (red) – which are in their initial stage of formation and albae (white) or the ones that have been there for longer and the matrix under the skin is already dead.

Stretch marks are extremely hard to treat and vanish, but when it is treated on its rubrae stage the results can be better on diminishing the size and increasing the appearance.

Whether being from genetics or lifestyle habits, a few small stubborn fat can be very persistent even for those who are extremely active with exercise and good diets. For those ones who do not feel comfortable undergoing a liposuction procedure, mesotherapy cocktails can be very effective and diminish localised fat, by stimulating cells activity which breakdown the cell membrane removing its contents that will be then excreted through the lymphatic, digestive and urinary system.

This treatment:

– increases body metabolism
– accelerates fat acids transport
– activates lipolitic processes
– stimulates vascular drainage
– tightens the skins after reducing volume

Cellulite is inflammation and sometimes fibrosis (scarring) of the superficial fat tissue, usually accompanied by skin laxity and oedema (water retention). In cellulite, shortened and hardened collagen fibres anchor the skin surface down to the deeper tissues, while at the same time pouches of enlarged fat tissue push the, typically loose, skin upwards, making it protrude. This causes the familiar mattress appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite can be affected by hormones, circulation, skin thickness and to some degree diet and exercise. Pretty much all women and a few men have some cellulite even very thin ones. It can vary in stages and can appears as simple swelling to a very painful nodules popular knowing as orange peel form.

Mesotherapy injected directly into the affected tissue can change dramatically cellulite’s appearance and stages as it improves circulation, reduces inflammation and diminish those fatty deposits responsible for cellulite. See below a few options to treat this condition and if you have any doubt or would like to book a consultation, please follow the pathway by sending a message using the filling form.

If you’re suffering with orange-peel skin, skin with adiposity with a hard consistency and stretch marks, alone or in combination with help on fat reduction, inhibition of lipogenesis, and increased drainage, please see below some of the options and also check our page about fat deposits.

When Collagen and Elastin fibres start to breakdown, due to diet, lack of exercises, lifestyle (too much sun exposure e.g. )or even genetic problems such as the aging process, the first sign appears onto our skin. The skin’s supportive connective tissue, that makes it look soft, plump and youthful loses its strength and in addition, facial muscles can weaken with age too, which falls off under the gravity’s law.

Skins loses the extra-cellular matrix with is made up basically of Hyaluronic Acid, then the Collagen and Elastin fibres have no place to be sustained itself and start to break down.

If you are experiencing dropping tissues, lacking consistency and adiposity and wish to firm, restructure and activate microcirculation, tightening and lifting the skin, see below some of the injectable solutions that the clinic can provide and if you feel that is the right treatment for you, contact us and you’ll be replied shortly.

Aesthetics treatments - Dermal filler

As we age not only our skin suffers with the gravity action’s effect but also our muscles start to become weaker and fall down. For complete rebiovitalisation with long lasting results skin and muscles should be treated at the same time.

Mesotherapy can offer a great ally against aging by offering a completely natural cocktail hyaluronic acid based with oligopeptydes that relaxes muscles diminishing the wrinkles in the skin that causes expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

Hands are the first part on our bodies to show the ageing signs once it is exposed to heat and cold temperatures and also constant loss of fat tissue, the hands can be rejuvenated with a non surgical procedure by injecting Hyaluronic acid through a cannula and the results are immediately seen and youthful appearance is restored by adding volume back to the area.