Mixed Therapies

Our Mixed Therapies combine different techniques in a complementary fashion to suit your needs. This is the ideal choice to maximise time and investment and treat the most common soft tissues and joints discomforts. The intensity can be chosen from Light to Deep. You can read more about the general characteristics of our mixed therapies below:

Our mixed therapies feature a number of packages associating various massages together. These combinations were made considering common soft tissues and joints activations, interactions and of course your comfort needs.

The following target areas for specific massage technics are available in our mixed therapies as specified further down on this page, cranium, reflexology feet, reflexology hand. Back or full-body massages are available in all our mixed therapies.

Mixed therapies are a way for you to treat the most common soft tissues and joints discomfort without paying the full price of the individual treatments. You can save up to 15% for up to 15% more time depending on the selected mixed therapy*.

*Comparison Baseline is Silver Line massages

Please advise of your choice upon booking:

Mixed Body Therapy Silver – 50 min
Mix-I: Back Massage + Cranium Reflexology
Mix-II: Back + Feet Reflexology
Mix-III: Back + Hands Reflexology
Mix-IV: Cranium + Feet Reflexology

Mixed Body Therapy Silver 1h 15 min
Mix-V: Back + Hands + Feet Reflexology
Mix-VI: Back + Feet + Cranium Reflexology
Mix-VII: Full Body + Cranium Reflexology
Mix-VIII: Full Body + Feet Reflexology
Mix-IX: Full Body + Hands Reflexology

Mixed Body Therapy Silver – 1h 40min
Mix-X: Full Body + Reflexology Hands or Feet + Cranium Therapy

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