BioCollagen Stimulation

Based on PLLA or CaHa or PCL natural absorbable collagenase precursors, these treatments when injected into the skin restore Dermal thickness, firmness, bringing back youthful-looking. A prior consultation is required before booking this treatment for your own safety and to avoid unnecessary fees.



PCL is a natural volumizer and collagenase precursor with results can last up to four years.


Calcium Hydroxyapatite:

Once injected the carrier will dissolve in a few months. However, the medication will be effective in stimulating collagen for a number of months, and may completely dissipate in two to three years.


Poli-L-Lactic Acid:

An absorbable, natural molecule present in our bodies it is an injectable implant that can be used to restore volume and stimulate collagen formation gradually (results can last up to 2 years).